An Interview with Hugh Rollinson from the Accident Claims Web

Now and again I meet someone in the industry who really is what I would call a game changer.  Hugh Rollinson is one of those guys, and this week I am really pleased to say that Hugh from the Accident Claims Web has agreed to be interviewed on my blog.

hughrollinsonIt’s a great coup for me as he’s someone I’ve worked with before in the industry and who really is a shining light in the whole accident claims advice world.  He really does make things happen, and has a great reputation.  In this interview I managed to get his thoughts on the current state of the personal injury industry and details on how the Accident Claims Web is trying to push things forward. Visit their website if you would like to make a claim for injury compensation for yourself.

Hi Hugh, can you give my readers a little bit of background on yourself before we get properly started and explain how you came to work in the personal injury industry?

Of course old friend! Well, hopefully some of your readers will already know me from some of the conferences, but for those who don’t here’s a very brief synopsis of who I am, where I came from, and where I am going!

I was born in London, and my father was a lawyer.  I naturally gravitated to studying law at university, and when I finished ended up working for a firm of personal injury solicitors (which is where we met!).  After a year I decided that I wanted to do things my own way so started up a number of online ventures in the accident claims niche and fast forward to today that’s still what I am doing.  I run the Accident Claims Web website which some people may know plus some others.

From what I understand you work with many legal firms around the UK, helping them to generate more online business. How do you select the firms that you work with or do they approach you?

Interesting that one actually because it kind of cuts both ways.  I have some partners with whom I have a really close relationship with – in the main my strategy has always been to team up with people who can do things better than me!  So for example, I don’t have any expertise with road accident claims so now work with the leading personal injury solicitor in this field.

In terms of creating those partnerships a lot of it’s down to networking and who you know.  For example, I was able to increase a personal injury firms in-bound calls by 30% within a month.  Based off the back of that they told other lawyers about me and that in turn generated even more business for me.  It’s like a domino effect – or even get one door open and more will follow – that’s how the accident claims industry seems to be in 2015 anyway.

So in terms of the industry, many people are professing to offer accident claims advice in the UK at the moment – and the industry has been fiercely regulated with new recent reforms.  What steps have you taken to adapt to any changes in the law?

Let me just say this. First and foremost everything we do is 100% inline with regulation.  You need to be because the industry has had a rough ride in recent years – because they have simply been so many cowboys trying to come in and take a piece of the pie.  We only work with regulated claims management companies, and solicitors who are members of the Law Society (one of our recommended links as it happens) – if you don’t then you always are going to be running the risk of non-compliance.

In addition to that we make sure that everything we do is future proofed so comply with what we believe will be coming in the future.  Yes, of course this means we might lose some business today but I think it’s a longer-term strategy that will mean my Accident Claims Advice Company will be here to stay in the years to come.  That’s the idea anyway!

It makes perfect sense!  So what have you been up to with the new website recently?  Any new developments that you can care to share with my readers?

Well, I’ve just employed a new online marketing manager who has come to me with some fantastic ideas on how we can progress the website and drive more traffic to it.  He’s very keen on us developing our YouTube Channel – which we have already started to adopt.  You can take a look if you like as there are loads of new videos on there which we are developing in order to target specific accident claims advice and types.  Here are just a couple of those which I hope you can embed into the interview please Walt (yes of course).

As well as the video marketing strategies, we are also looking to expand out the website to include more content that might be driven by a user searching for a personal injury solicitor.  At the moment we are very geared towards simple accident claims advice so I am hoping that those changes will help us to increase our customer base and have an even better year in 2015.  I can give you more information on that another time though as it’s very much in the planning phase currently.

One thing I am excited about though is the new online claims calculators we are developing.  We have a PHP developer who is creating these – it’s very cool – basically someone can visit our website, put some details in, and then get given an immediate estimate on how much accident compensation they might be due.  Of course, it’s no substitute for actually talking to a real personal injury solicitor or claims management specialist, but does pump out industry averages depending on the data that the end user decides to type in.

Its little initiatives like that that I think set us apart from other websites and companies.  I would encourage your readers to bookmark us or subscribe to our blog as we have things like this happening all of the time.

Sounds very impressive. Hopefully I won’t need to use your calculators but it’s great to know that the option is there.  I am sure that it will really add some value to your website though.  Anything else you would like to add before we wrap up today?

Not really.  The only thing I would say is that if there are any personal injury lawyers out there who would like to partner with us then please do get in touch via my website.  We would love to hear from you!

Note from Walt: If you would like to be interviewed please read this note.


How to Find a Decent and Reputable Accident Claims Solicitor or Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury at work, it is extremely important to find a accident claims lawyer who can do a good job, no matter who you think was responsible for the accident. A good injury lawyer will help you to resolve who is responsible for any damages you have suffered and will let you know if the prosecution case is a good idea. The Prosecutor should be open and friendly.

The accident claims lawyer should work to fully understand your injuries and grievances, and he or she must take the time to explain the procedure recommended action. In addition, a good accident claims lawyer will work you understand what type of settlements or payments you can expect from your accident.  They should also know exactly how the law stands today – for example in the UK there have been some recent changes to personal injury and accident claims law.

In general, an attorney who has handled many cases in your state is the type of work injury lawyer better equipped to assist you with your claim. Before visiting, ask the accident claims lawyer working on his own experience in the field.

For example have they processed car accident claims before? Is this broad? If it is, and if they have settled many cases of success, then you know you have a accident claims lawyer work who knows all the nuances and features of the worker’s compensation system.

The accident claims lawyer must have handled a case similar to yours otherwise they are not worth talking to? If the result of previous claims they have covered were a success, then you can be confident that you are working with a competent accident claims lawyer. A good work injury lawyer will ask a lot of questions to understand the situation. Beware of any accident claims lawyer who seems disinterested or does not seem to require a lot of information – those are the ones to avoid!

Worker’s compensation cases can become very complex. So it’s usually a good idea to look for a work injury lawyer as soon as possible. Get a accident claims lawyer early in the process so they can make important contributions and advice with regards to your medical treatment. Also, work injury lawyer will be able to gather valuable evidence for your case so it’s worth having them involved very early on.

When you go to deal with insurance companies before consulting a accident claims lawyer then you might find that your claim is disputed. This means that the insurance company may start gathering evidence and build a case against you. And while it is never too late to contact a accident claims lawyer, if you wait then challenges with the insurance company can occur. It is always a good idea to contact a accident claims lawyer to work as soon as possible.

It is also a good idea to keep copies of everything related to your injury lawyer your work injury. This means that all hospital bills and details of your benefit payment. Contact your accident claims lawyer immediately with any new information or if something changes about your injuries. And always follow the advice of your doctor. Engage in not recommended by your doctor activities could damage your case.

yellow-pagesThe best first step to finding a good job injury lawyer is to just open the yellow pages or search the Internet for a work injury lawyer in your area. But you must contact several accident claims lawyers to get a feel for their personality and a sense of professionalism – you can then choose between them. A good accident claims lawyer will be open and ready to answer more fundamental questions on the phone.  Ask them if they are willing to work on a no win no fee agreement.

An injury at work can be a life changing event. When you find a good work injury lawyer who has your interests at heart, you will get the compensation you deserve and the peace of mind you need.


Are You a Student Studying Law in the UK? Here’s Where to Visit

Whilst in my late teens and early twenties I travelled to the UK to study aspects of International Law.  If you have ever been in a room full of law students you will know how they are quite a lively bunch and don’t actually conform to what you might think a legal professional would be – at least not when in their down-time.  Being a law student is a whole heap of fun, and managing to combine being a student with touring around Europe was one of the best experiences of my life – and still holds great memories to this day.  Places I loved travelling to on some of the many student tours I went on included London, Edinburgh, Stone Henge, and The Lake District.

One company that I can recommend are Student Tours UK.  They are based in Bournemouth and offer a very friendly service dedicated to helping students finding the best tours and trips around the United Kingdom. It was these guys that I used when planning my student tours with my peers.  I spoke to the guy running the company last month and he’s still going strong and is trying to position himself and the Student Tours company as the leading and number one UK based student travel agency – based on my experience I’d say he’s not far off becoming that.

Student Clubbing Tours to London

In terms of the best places to go on a tour when a student, then the London trips were up there with the best of them.  We visited the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Madam Tussauds Wax Work Museum – plus loads of trips to some of the major nightclubs at the time.  Many of my friends were into the hard house sound at the time and went to Trade at Turnmills, The Fridge for Superfish, and The End which was slightly smaller but had an amazing sound system fitted.

London is just brilliant for clubbing and you can either go through a bona fide student travel agency to book a clubbing student tour, or arrange the whole thing yourself.  I preferred to use a student tours company though because they took a lot of the hassle out of travel arrangements and itineraries.  We used to have some mad times on the coach up to London.

Edinburgh is a Great Student Tour for Culture

If you are after something a little bit cultural then I would recommend a student tour to Edinburgh.  I also visited Glasgow on a student trip, but I found it quite industrial and a little dirty.  Edinburgh though is quite simply stunning.  Amazing history, architecture, as well as really lovely restaurants.  If you do go there then I would recommend that you try Haggis – I’ve no idea what’s in it, but it tastes darn good.  It’s kind of like a meat patty.  Here’s a website which has some suggested places to visit in Edinburgh:


Overall, if you are a law student, and you get the opportunity to travel then make sure you check out some of the available student tours around the UK.  It can be a real eye opener and if anything made me a better legal professional.


My Guide to No Win No Fee Solicitors

No-one wants to be the victim of an accident or really have to make an accident claim, however, it will come as no surprise to find that there is an increase in the number of people suffering from personal injuries who need a to use the services of a no win no fee solicitor.

It is often said that most injuries occur within the home (whilst some can occur whilst cycling), yet when they happen elsewhere and are not your fault, then it is important for you to get the compensation you deserve, and that is where personal injury and no win no fee solicitors come in.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Make sure they are a member of the Law Society.

Taking on a large company in order to claim no win no fee compensation because of an accident, is not something that can be done by oneself, and it is important to have good legal representation. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at why no win no fee solicitors play an important role in getting accident victims the compensation they deserve, and what steps you need to take in order to choose the best personal injury lawyer for your claim.

What is a Personal Injury For No Win No Fee?

A personal injury can be the result of a car crash, a slip, trip or fall, or medical negligence, and in order to make a claim, any physical injuries or mental anguish suffered by the victim need to be proven to be the fault of someone else’s negligence.  This is why it is imperative that you find the very best legal guidance from a bonafide solicitor.

Find a Solicitor that Specializes in No Win No Fee Claims 

It may seem obvious, but, many people have let their own personal lawyer take action, and although this can work, there is no substitute for an experienced and qualified personal injury solicitor. A lawyer that is specialized in pursuing personal injury claims will be able to assess your claim, as well as give you an approximate monetary value to the claim and what the best way forward with the claim.

Do They Have Experience in Court?

In the majority of cases, most defendants will want to settle your no win no fee injury compensation claim, by offering you a cash sum. Sometimes things can go the distance, and a case can go to trial. If this scenario comes about, and your no win no fee solicitor has very little experience in the court setting, then this could harm your chances of the case being called in your favour.

If the claim goes to a UK court, the judge will decide if the other party or yourself were the cause of the accident, if it is decided that the other party is liable, then the amount of money that you will receive will be dependent on the type of injury, and the amount of damage it has caused you, as well as the impact the injury had on your day to day life