Food Poisoning Compensation

Food poisoning is not something that usually people associate with personal injury claims and compensation amounts just enough to cover the bill and an apology from the restaurant owner/manager is the norm where you aware that some claims for food poisoning can reach into the 1000’s. This is because although food poising is seen by many to be resolved with a course of locally prescribed antibiotic. Or even just flushing it out some scientists believe there are long term effects. These long term effects could harm your health in the future making you unable to do the same things you have always done. There could be a change in lifestyle where you have to abide to a controlled diet or be placed on routine tablets to ensure that you are not causing long term effect to organs such as your kidneys. We are going to look at some of the potential effects of different degrees of food poisoning symptoms their side effects and then explain how a personal injury solicitor could help you if you were effected by food poisoning.

What is E-Coli?

Escherichia coliis is another form of bacterium in a large mass of mostly harmless germs. There are hundreds of signs of this bacteria, majority are not dangerous. But when the version O157:H7 shows up in our food supply, E. coli becomes a massive problem for people that have digested it.

E-Coli How do you become contaminated?

The main case of e coli are spread from uncooked ground beef or mincemeat as its more commonly known. This is because the bacteria normally lives on the top of the meat and is therefore the first part to be cooked meaning the bacteria is killed. When raw meat is ground into mincemeat it can cause the bacteria that normally lives on the top to be merged in with all the meat as appose just to the top layer. So it spreads further.

E coli what are the symptoms?

Symptoms are normally increased bowl movements mild fever passing blood and severe stomach cramps. If you start to feel these symptoms you should contact a gp.

Can I make a claim for compensation after suffering from e coli infection?

The answer is yes and suffering from E.coli is normally taken on by a personal injury solicitor who will assess your claim. At this point making you aware if you can take the claim forward. Once the claim has been assessed you will be made aware if the claim can be taken forward using the No Win No Fee service.  Your Personal injury solicitor will then be able to inform you of how the claim will work it can take anything from 2-8 months on average. Your claim is considered closed when you have agreed a settlement amount. Throughout this time you should be kept up to date on the progress of your claim. If you have suffered from food poisoning in the last three years you should contact your local personal injury solicitor who will be able to help you.


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Cycling Personal Injuries

There has been a 117% rise in people cycling on the roads in Britain since 2000. This is great news for all cycling communities and the health of all these people that have picked up there Lycra and hit the road. I am one of these people and think it a really enjoyable way to travel and keep fit unfortunately it dose come with its risks.tejvan/4640826519

As an expert in personal injury law it does worry me with the amount of people that come through to my firm after being involved in accident after being out on their bike. If you are reading this I am going to assume that you are also a cyclist. So I am sure many of us have been in scary situations when faced with a busy road an impatient motorist or someone coming far to close this can cause a great threat of injury.

I would like to share a recent story where I was cycling on a very quiet country road fantastic scenery that I was really enjoying that then caused me to miss the dreaded pot hole. I flipped of my bike and luckily only came away with a few scratches and cuts nothing to major. This got me thinking more about how vulnerable we are when we are facing the rods and paths on are two wheels.

In my time as a personal injury solicitor I have helped secure many clients compensation after similar accidents. The pot holes as I am sure you are aware are the responsibility of the local council and it is funding. If when I had have injured myself further then a scratch and my pride as I hobbled to a local watering hole to sort myself out. What could have the consequences of been to me can you imagine if that had left me unable to work or not carry out simple tasks like driving or cycling again for a long time in the future. I very possibly could have had to have physiotherapy all this stuff costs money. So I started having a look at some of the old cases to see how something that I receive so much pleasure and joy from could have caused me to be out of pocket and what some of our previous compensation amounts have been to rectify this for injured cyclists in the past and it astonished me.

The cases I have looked through on average had paid out on average 2500 for falling off due to pot holes or bad road conditions. The maximum that has been paid out is 35000 due to a collision with a car that left our client unable to work for nearly a whole year while she was rehabilitated.

I just really wanted to write this article because it’s where my two world collide. I think the implications of a simple task we carry out during our daily lives some that we take great pleasure doing can have a huge impact on our lives if it goes wrong. Now by all means I am saying to hang up your bikes and walk away from this glorious past time. I just want you to be prepared and informed that should something happen when you are out and about you can claim for compensation to ensure that you are not financially impacted. You can find personal injury solicitors through many directories on the web or why not speak to family and friends and see if they can recommend a local No win No Fee personal injury solicitor in your area.


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Proposed Changes to UK Personal Injury and Accident Claims Law

With recent news that the upper limit for small accident claims cases could be raised in the United Kingdom, there has been a smattering of concern within the personal injury field as to whether this will affect business.

Many personal injury lawyers in London that I know have even go so far to say that this could mean the end of their practices.

Thankfully recent weeks has seen confirmation from the government that they do not intend to do this just yet… although they have said that they think it to be a very good idea.  The government is going to develop safeguards first being implement any changes to limit as they fear it could have an effect on victims who have genuine claims for compensation.

Accident Claims to Be Reviewed By Medical Experts

Not only that, but the UK government has also commented on the outstanding proposal where a new and independent body of medical experts was going to be launched to investigate accident claims.

The idea behind this one is a very solid one as it would mean claims relating to items which are notoriously hard to prove (think whiplash injuries) could be properly investigated before any compensation was paid out.

The plan was that compensation would only be paid out in the event of a medical professional approving the claim and supporting any evidence put forward by the personal injury solicitor or lawyer.

The expert reports would be submitted in a standard and set format so the entire accident claims industry conforms to one way of doing things. The hope is that this would start to negate the pattern where a personal injury lawyer might tend to always favour the claimant with little or no medical proof of injury.

Having said that, there is still some way to go before this one sees the light of day so we will need to wait for the proposal to come through from Whitehall.

Proposed Shortening of Accident Claims

In some related news, the Transport Select Committee has already requested that any personal injury cases that has arisen from driving accidents are limited to only being claimable within a shorter three year period – but the UK politicians have rejected this proposal.

This kind of makes sense because if this were to happen it would make the personal injury law much more complex and could even lead to more cases being brought before the courts.

Make the Claimant Offer More Proof of Injury 

In addition to this, the UK government has also come up with some ideas on how to make fake personal injury compensation claims more difficult to pay out.

The proposal would mean there would have to be a far more comprehensive investigation into the claimant’s injuries including more in-depth medical assessments and reports.

If this would really make any difference is a moot point – in fact most personal injury lawyers are privately saying that the only real differentiator would be better technology being used as standard in cars.  And by that they mean things like black box type equipment – think speed records, on-dash GPS cameras – that kind of thing.


How to Become a Lawyer if You Choose an Online Law Degree

Please note: the following blog post is written from a US perspective, and the information contained inside it should not be applied to those wanting to become a legal practitioner or personal injury lawyer in the United Kingdom.

Many people are now choosing to complete a law and legal degree from home.Whilst this should not be considered as the best approach to take, as nothing beats going to a proper university, it can still be a solid option for people for whom an actual law school is not possible. This is where online lawyer degrees are now becoming more popular with people.

Some Facts:

1. None of the existing online lawyer schools in the US have been accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

2. In the US, 49 of the national states require that lawyers must be accredited with an ABA approved law degree in order to practice law.
Become a Practicing Lawyer in California

You can become a lawyer in California with an online legal degree
The facts above can be very prohibitive for a lot of people who want to become a lawyer, and end up specialising in subjects such as personal injury law, family law, or criminal law. One state that doesn’t have these type of ABA restrictions in place is California – surprise surprise I hear you say!

They will let lawyers who took an online law course, practice law and sit for the bar exams. The steps laid out below will not apply if you are based in the UK – for guidance from an English perspective I recommend you study the information on this Personal Injury Lawyers London resource.

The Steps in Order to Become a Lawyer (Via Online Learning)

If we use California as an example, there are some steps a person would need to take in order to get through the legal process. They are laid out in a simple form below.

Firstly you will need to have passed some educational criteria such as sixty semester credits, 2 years at college, or a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t qualify for any of these, then from time to time the authority will look at your intellectual capability in different formats, probably via an interview.

The next step is get the legal exams passed. If you are studying to become a personal injury lawyer online then the course must be registered with the Californian ABA association. Please note that California do not accredit any of the online lawyer courses so you should thoroughly check out the course for solid testimonials before you sign up and send them any money.

Next you will need to complete the first year lawyer exam. This includes a long test (around 4 hours of work) including subject such as personal injury claims, criminal law, the reading of contracts, and more. These exams only happen twice a year.

Another aspect you will need to go through, is personal references. All lawyers in the state of California will need to prove that they have good character and the proper morals in order to practice law. If you have a criminal record this could prove to be a stumbling block and the process will take nearly half a year in some cases.

Finally you will need pass the very hard Bar Exam once your online lawyer degree has been completed. It can be sat at two times during the year and is taken over a three day period. The exams includes essays, practical questions such as “describe the personal injury claim process”, and some multiple choice questions.


Why You May Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having a traffic ticket citation issued to you, then I would personally advise that you employ the services of a traffic ticket lawyer. Having a lawyer ensures that you are in the best position in order to defend yourself, especially if there is any ambiguity surrounding the facts of the case.

This type of legal advice is separate to car accident claims which you can read about in a different blog post.

Whether your ticket was issued due to speeding, obstruction, an expired license, having no insurance, running a red light or another misdemeanor, a lawyer can advise you on your rights. You might also be in the situation where the time period to respond to ticket has passed and have been apprehended.  By using a lawyer you can explore ways in which you could be released on cash bails or a bond.

In addition, your lawyer may also facilitate the lifting of the warrant and dropping of charges through out of court negotiations.

The police may be after you due to breaching the traffic rules or default in payment of ordered traffic costs. In any case of being arrested, your lawyer can help you navigate legal hurdles and be released more promptly. Having a lawyer ensures you to have the matter dealt with much quicker in most cases.

One could also be released on certain conditions such as bond pending the beginning of a court hearing if one is necessary. With a good lawyer, you shouldn’t find it difficult to solve traffic ticket disputes with the police and get back behind the wheel in quick time.

Another reason why you should employ a traffic ticket lawyer is due to the insurance or assurance premiums. You will be issued with high surcharges and your driving license may be suspended. Having a good traffic citation is critical as it vouches on your aptitude as a driver to the insurer, this attracts lower premiums.

Your driving license can be affected, especially where there are numerous negating points, and higher surcharges are paid annually.

Whenever you are asked to pay heavy traffic fines always seek to ascertain the legitimacy of the orders from the police.  They have been known to make mistakes from time to time. For truck drivers a traffic ticket could mean that their employer might want to dismiss them.

A traffic ticket lawyer will prevent you from paying heavy fines and bearing punitive punishments. They will also enable you to get the lowest surcharges and attract positive points.

Once a highway patrol officer has drafted the traffic citation or report, contact your traffic ticket lawyer promptly. The report may contain errors and mistakes that will be detrimental to your driving career. Furthermore, your case may be dismissed or abandoned at the place where the charges are handled through a local lawyer.

Disproving the credibility of the traffic citation is also a way to ensure that there are no surcharges or the skyrocketing of premiums.    The legal issues on the matter can be handled by a good traffic ticket lawyer on your behalf without expending much effort or fearing the arresting officers.

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My New Blog – About Me & What I Want to Achieve

Hey Guys, this is one of the first posts on my new blog and so thought I would introduce myself and give you a small flavor of what to expect.  My name is Walter Gray and I am a lawyer based in the United States.

I’ve been practicing law for over 10 years, and have built up a reputation as some what of a speciliast in the field of accident claims and personal injury.

On my new blog you can expect to read updates from me on big cases, my views on the recent changes to the law on personal injury and accident claims compensation, plus short blog pieces about me and what I’ve been up to outside of work.

I hope you can partake in the discussion and join up to my Facebook group for more information.

Car Accident Claims

Advice for People Involved in a Car Accident Claims

A car accident can be one of the most stressful events we’ll ever go through in our lives, yet it happens to most of us at one point or another. We never willingly participate in an accident, yet blame can be placed on us by other drivers, particularly their insurance companies. A car accident can change our lives both financially, and physically. Emotions can even come into play, causing stress and depression in our lives.

After a bad accident, you’ll be thrust into the UK legal system, leaving you extremely puzzled and frustrated. Most likely, your insurance company will want you sign a lot of papers, taking responsibility for the accident. They’ll want to settle quickly, leaving you with increased insurance fees next year, or worse, deny you benefits. You may be faced with a lawsuit from other injured parties. If you’re overwhelmed by the legal system, you’d benefit from the services of a fully qualified UK personal injury lawyer or solicitor.

About Car Accident Claims & Personal Injury Compensation

If you were involved in an accident with other vehicles that caused extensive property or vehicular damage, you may need the services of a personal injury lawyer, who’ll walk you through the legal process. Most likely other drivers and passengers may have been seriously hurt as well, or even lost their lives. The more serious the accident, the greater the chances that you’ll be hit with a personal injury lawsuit from the other parties involved, or even their survivors.

Accident Claims & Personal Injury

You may have also suffered great personal injury, and may even be permanently disabled, as a result of your unfortunate traffic accident. Whether it was your fault or not, you need guidance to get through the legal process.

It’s vital that with the more extreme personal injury cases that you find the best lawyer to hand your accident claim. A lawyer will take charge of your accident claim and simplify the complexities of the legal system.

If you’re the victim of a serious car accident, you may have been left with an extended hospital stay, causing you to lose time from work. You may have needed to rent medical equipment, and pay for medications. All these bills can add up, leaving you financially strapped. What’s worse is that the insurance companies just want to give you a token payment, so they can close the books on your insurance claim. But, you deserve better than that. You’ve been paying into the insurance system for years, and why should you settle for less?

Increasingly, insurance companies seem to provide less and less coverage. A lawyer will help you get what you need from your insurance company, particularly in those worse case scenarios when the insurance company denies your claim completely.

A car accident claims solicitor will take your traffic accident claim and focus on you. They’re interested in your speedy recovery. You’ll receive immediate guidance and expertise from knowledgeable lawyers, who are focussed on your car accident claim, and your own individual needs. After you’ve been in an accident, you deserve services and compensation to help you on the road to recovery.

After you’ve been in a bad traffic accident, let a dedicated and experienced accident claims solicitor handle your complex car accident claim, rather than trying to navigate through the tricky legal system yourself. You’ll get immediate assistance by a caring team of lawyers, who’ll ease the transition of settling your insurance claim for you.

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