Eight Bizarre Personal Injury Claims and No Win No Fee Claims

personal-injury-lawsuitWhile I personally believe that there is no such thing as a personal injury claim that is too bizarre or odd to make a claim for, some believe that their injury will not be taken seriously or is too odd to warrant a claim for compensation.

These people typically search out the services of a no win no fee solicitor as they know they won’t have to pay fees up front and can proceed a case on a no risk basis.  That’s how no win no fee solicitors work for clients.

Regardless of your injuries or how you were injured, if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to make a personal injury claim.

Below are some of the oddest personal injury claim on record (in no particular order) that were kindly sourced and supplied by the team at Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport.

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1 – McDonald’s Coffee

A McDonald’s coffee can be served at over 100 degrees, and when a claimant spilt her beverage over herself she was not aware that the coffee would scald her so badly. The claimant was awarded over $2 million in damages after it was revealed that McDonald’s had a number of complaints against them. $800 worth of skin grafts were required due to the severity of her burns and injuries. Following the accident, McDonald’s has issued a “Caution contains hot liquids” on every single takeaway cup ever since.

2 – Jacuzzi Jet

A women in a hot tub injured her back after she was sucked downwards by the jet in a jacuzzi. The injuries she sustained in her gym resulted in a significant payout.

3 – Motorbike Petrol Tank

More than £80,000 was awarded to a man in Bournemouth after he suffered erectile dysfunction after injuring himself following a collision with the petrol tank of his motorbike after he was involved in a crash with another driver.

4 – Car Park Barriers

Numerous people have filed for personal injuries after either driving or walking out of car park with a barrier, only for the barrier to crash down on them when they are exiting. Claimants have not only successfully taken legal action for injuries, but have also been able to claim compensation for damages.

5 – Horse Biting

A woman in Stockport was granted over £21,000 after a horse that was left in the stables for too much time bit her lip due to being agitated as a result of poor treatment and poor conditions. It is believed that the horse bit the claimants lip due to boredom.

6 – Clothing Security Tag

A security tag in a clothing store was not properly put on a dress a woman was trying on. When it came loose, the claimant impaled her toe on the pin. The woman was awarded just under £2,000.

7 – Door Stopper

A woman in Manchester was granted just over £6,000 after she sustained injuries to her leg when she tripped over a door stopper that was the same colour and shade as the carpet making it difficult to spot.

8 – Mistaken Identity

A claimant had the same name as another patient at a dentist surgery. Prior to a routine surgery the dentist was handed the wrong file for the patient’s namesake, four perfectly healthy teeth were removed rather than the minor procedure he was due as a result of the error. The client was awarded £8,000 in compensation.

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Regardless of the type of your injury, if you suffer loss as a result of negligence, you have the right to make a compensation claim and hold those responsible to account. If you live or work in Stockport and Greater Manchester then get in touch today with Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport to find out if you could be entitled to compensation.

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Why I Became A Personal Injury Solicitor Specialising in No Win No Fee

This blog post was a direct result of my write for me section where a UK personal injury solicitor got in touch with me asking to contribute a guest post.  Personally I turn most away, but this one was very different as it goes into his reasoning for getting involced in no win no fee as a personal injury solicitor.  Thanks to one of the team at Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester for providing this content, I am sure my readers will find it very valuable.

Blog post contributed by James Barnett of Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester (external link).

The media and others are too quick to give lawyers, and particularly personal injury solicitors, negative press. According to numerous stereotypes, we are merely ambulance chasers looking to leech off those who are injured. However, this is simply incorrect.

Like most stereotypes, the media painting of personal injury solicitors is far from accurate. Sadly, there are a few who live up to this stigma, but the same could be said for any profession. And just like any other profession, each professional has their own unique reasons for taking a certain career path. There are numerous reasons why I chose to become a personal injury solicitor, and one specialising as a no win no fee solicitor, none more so than my motivation for justice.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Whether you work as a banker or a janitor, if someone is injured or in pain you naturally want to look after and assist them. For most personal injury solicitors this is no different. By working in personal injury law we can hold those responsible for injuring another person to account, and get the person that deserves damages compensation for their injuries.

We know that compensation is not the most important thing if you are involved in an accident, but we also understand just how helpful it can be, not just by getting damages, but in regard to getting over the incident and obtaining closure. Whether it be via a settlement offer or being awarded damages, there is something hugely satisfying about changing someone’s life and helping them recover.

Contrary to what some may perceive, being a lawyer isn’t all about drowning in documents. By being personal injury solicitors, we can meet people and investigate claims, rather than being bogged down by paperwork.

Nothing in this life that’s worth doing comes easy, and personal Injury claims certainly aren’t easy. There is always some argument, some way that our clients are almost stopped from getting justice. We constantly learn from our experience when negotiating on our clients’ behalf or when representing them in court. Personal injury law, just like every area of law, is ever-changing, and it is this challenge that keeps it so exciting.

Caring for people is something that comes naturally to many. I enjoy looking out for my clients and striving to get them the compensation and closure they deserve. One of the main reasons I became a personal injury solicitor was so that I too could help right the wrongs of others and get those who were hurt, through no fault of their own, the compensation they deserved.

Despite the common misconception that personal injury solicitors and practices as parasitic, or part of the nanny state, if you are unable to work, are seriously injured or cannot live your life the way you used to, can you really afford to not take legal action?

Personal injury, like any other type of law, is about getting truth and justice for our clients, and like many other lawyers, that is something I strive to do with every case I take on.  Make sure that you always use a solicitor who is registered with the Law Society or who are members of the association of personal injury lawyers (APIL).

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An Interview with Hugh Rollinson from the Accident Claims Web

Now and again I meet someone in the industry who really is what I would call a game changer.  Hugh Rollinson is one of those guys, and this week I am really pleased to say that Hugh from the Accident Claims Web has agreed to be interviewed on my blog.

hughrollinsonIt’s a great coup for me as he’s someone I’ve worked with before in the industry and who really is a shining light in the whole accident claims advice world.  He really does make things happen, and has a great reputation.  In this interview I managed to get his thoughts on the current state of the personal injury industry and details on how the Accident Claims Web is trying to push things forward. Visit their website if you would like to make a claim for injury compensation for yourself.

Hi Hugh, can you give my readers a little bit of background on yourself before we get properly started and explain how you came to work in the personal injury industry?

Of course old friend! Well, hopefully some of your readers will already know me from some of the conferences, but for those who don’t here’s a very brief synopsis of who I am, where I came from, and where I am going!

I was born in London, and my father was a lawyer.  I naturally gravitated to studying law at university, and when I finished ended up working for a firm of personal injury solicitors (which is where we met!).  After a year I decided that I wanted to do things my own way so started up a number of online ventures in the accident claims niche and fast forward to today that’s still what I am doing.  I run the Accident Claims Web website which some people may know plus some others.

From what I understand you work with many legal firms around the UK, helping them to generate more online business. How do you select the firms that you work with or do they approach you?

Interesting that one actually because it kind of cuts both ways.  I have some partners with whom I have a really close relationship with – in the main my strategy has always been to team up with people who can do things better than me!  So for example, I don’t have any expertise with road accident claims so now work with the leading personal injury solicitor in this field.

In terms of creating those partnerships a lot of it’s down to networking and who you know.  For example, I was able to increase a personal injury firms in-bound calls by 30% within a month.  Based off the back of that they told other lawyers about me and that in turn generated even more business for me.  It’s like a domino effect – or even get one door open and more will follow – that’s how the accident claims industry seems to be in 2015 anyway.

So in terms of the industry, many people are professing to offer accident claims advice in the UK at the moment – and the industry has been fiercely regulated with new recent reforms.  What steps have you taken to adapt to any changes in the law?

Let me just say this. First and foremost everything we do is 100% inline with regulation.  You need to be because the industry has had a rough ride in recent years – because they have simply been so many cowboys trying to come in and take a piece of the pie.  We only work with regulated claims management companies, and solicitors who are members of the Law Society (one of our recommended links as it happens) – if you don’t then you always are going to be running the risk of non-compliance.

In addition to that we make sure that everything we do is future proofed so comply with what we believe will be coming in the future.  Yes, of course this means we might lose some business today but I think it’s a longer-term strategy that will mean my Accident Claims Advice Company will be here to stay in the years to come.  That’s the idea anyway!

It makes perfect sense!  So what have you been up to with the new website recently?  Any new developments that you can care to share with my readers?

Well, I’ve just employed a new online marketing manager who has come to me with some fantastic ideas on how we can progress the website and drive more traffic to it.  He’s very keen on us developing our YouTube Channel – which we have already started to adopt.  You can take a look if you like as there are loads of new videos on there which we are developing in order to target specific accident claims advice and types.  Here are just a couple of those which I hope you can embed into the interview please Walt (yes of course).

As well as the video marketing strategies, we are also looking to expand out the website to include more content that might be driven by a user searching for a personal injury solicitor.  At the moment we are very geared towards simple accident claims advice so I am hoping that those changes will help us to increase our customer base and have an even better year in 2015.  I can give you more information on that another time though as it’s very much in the planning phase currently.

One thing I am excited about though is the new online claims calculators we are developing.  We have a PHP developer who is creating these – it’s very cool – basically someone can visit our website, put some details in, and then get given an immediate estimate on how much accident compensation they might be due.  Of course, it’s no substitute for actually talking to a real personal injury solicitor or claims management specialist, but does pump out industry averages depending on the data that the end user decides to type in.

Its little initiatives like that that I think set us apart from other websites and companies.  I would encourage your readers to bookmark us or subscribe to our blog as we have things like this happening all of the time.

Sounds very impressive. Hopefully I won’t need to use your calculators but it’s great to know that the option is there.  I am sure that it will really add some value to your website though.  Anything else you would like to add before we wrap up today?

Not really.  The only thing I would say is that if there are any personal injury lawyers out there who would like to partner with us then please do get in touch via my website.  We would love to hear from you!

Note from Walt: If you would like to be interviewed please read this note.